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Some tips on : Updating Dark Walls To White

Lately, we have been painting a lot of clients' homes white ( and you can never just say "white" because in the world of paint colour choices, there are many, many shades of white!) Here are a few tips we would like to share with you....

*If you are looking for a "true white" , then we recommend using the colour ,Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore OC- 65.

*One thing you need to keep in mind, when painting over darker colours, you will use a lot more paint. Keep this in mind as the cost will increase with more product as well as more time to apply the paint.

*You will need a minimum of 3 coats of paint to cover the darker shades

*One way to keep the costs down, if you are using high end paint, is to paint the first coat with a less pricey paint, (Ben , Ultra Spec 500 both from Benjamin Moore), and use the higher end paint ( Regal , Aura by Benjamin Moore)for the final two coats.

*Test about 5 different whites on your walls with the small tester pots, you will be surprised at the difference in all the whites! Some pull a lot of blue in them ( decorators white) and some look "off white" or even grey! White Dove by Benjamin Moore has a hint of grey in it and is one of their popular whites.

* At Punta Cana Painting, we have a lot of samples for you to try already! Try your samples in a few areas of your home, with and without natural lighting , and see which one compliments your home.

By: Christine Renaud ,

@renaudrealestate , @pinkwayvz


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