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Accent walls , By Christine Renaud

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We love when a client requests an accent wall ! An accent wall can really define a space and it provides an anchor for your eye to be drawn to it. A lot of times people shy away from dark colours and colours, remember, it's only paint- you can always paint over it and start again if you don't like it. I like to use a colour that you like and one that compliments the room decor as well.

Typically it's best to follow the 60-30-10 rule which states that 60% of the room should be the dominant colour, 30% should be the secondary colour, and 10% should be an accent colour. So when choosing a colour you'll want something that's different from the 60% and 30% colours to make it pop.

Dark colours read as receding from the viewer, so the accent wall visually enlarges the space (and sets up a nice contrast that can make the rest of the space seem brighter by comparison). I LOVE how this client adds plants to the space , this adds a welcoming feel to this home and hope they are as excited as we are about this new transformation!! #accentwall #painter #puntacanapainting #londonontario #plants #greenery #decorating #greenthumb #hangingplants


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